Undergraduate Student
Dr. Dawson's 2018-2021 UROP Season's; Lamprey Population Model, Flint River Ecology Study- Illustrator of the FRES Coloring Book

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dawson since the Winter of 2018. I used a modeling program that modeled sea lamprey population sizes to help improve sea lamprey management in the Great Lakes, and this past year I had the privilege of helping Dr. Dawson create a coloring book for the Flint River Ecology Study. She has never failed to offer me, or any other student of hers, the opportunity to learn and grow both professionally and (in my opinion) personally. She is an excellent mentor who is genuinely excited to teach. I am grateful to her and attribute a lot of what I have accomplished to her tutelage. I would recommend anyone willing to learn from her to do so."